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1600th Anniversary of the Repose of Saint John Chrysostom
Symposium and Celebration at the Parish of St. John Chrysostom
House Springs (St. Louis), Missouri
Friday, Sept. 28—Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007
The year 2007 is the 1,600th anniversary of the Repose of our heavenly patron, Saint John Chrysostom. To honor this event, the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR has decided to hold a special celebration in our parish, because we are the only parish in ROCOR named after this revered saint of the Church! Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will take place on the Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross, Sept. 17/30, 2007.

A symposium of lectures by noted Orthodox bishops and theologians will illumine various aspects of the enormous impact that St. John Chrysostom had on the spiritual life of the Orthodox Church. The celebration will conclude with the majestic Hierarchical Vigil and Divine Liturgy. Metropolitan Laurus will attend, along with Bishop Peter of Cleveland, and other Bishops of ROCOR. We believe that many Orthodox clergy and laity in Missouri and around the country will be interested in attending this event.

The Sunday after the Exaltation of the Cross was chosen for the 1600th anniversary celebration because it is very close to the actual day on which St. John Chrysostom reposed—September 14, 407 AD. Because the day of his repose coincided with the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the ancient Church transferred his feast to November 13/26, so that he could be celebrated on his own day.
The initial planning meeting for the event was held on Sunday, Nov. 13/26, 2006, in House Springs when His Grace, Bishop Peter, came to celebrate our Parish feast day. Also joining us was Fr. Andrei Sommer, the chief administrative priest at Synod Headquarters in New York City.

The general outline the celebration is now set; many details remain to be sketched in. Announcements and invitations will be sent out in the coming months.
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